Widespread Prevalence of Vertebral Subluxation Components on MRI

A recent study conducted through the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, of 737 participants makes this one of the largest studies of its kind. The intention of the study was to review MRI scans for the biomechanical components of vertebral subluxation. The results of this study are astonishing. The results showed that 91% of MRI scans of the cervical spine and 89% of lumbar spine scans had spinal abnormalities consistent with vertebral subluxation.

In the study, three hundred twenty-five MR studies of the cervical spine were reviewed with 91% presenting spinal abnormalities consistent with vertebral subluxation, while only 28 of the 325 had no abnormalities noted. These abnormalities consisted of components of vertebral subluxation including disc degeneration, osteophytic formations (bone spurs), posterior ridging, and arthritis.

Also three hundred sixty-one MR lumbar spine reports were reviewed with 89% presenting with spinal abnormalities consistent with components of vertebral subluxation.

According to Dr. Kent the lead author of the study:

“These findings are significant for several reasons including demonstration of how common the biomechanical component of vertebral subluxation is within this population.”

“Studies on the prevalence of subluxation have been sorely needed for a long time as it is crucial to know just how much of the population is affected by it.”

Based on this study, along with others that are being conducted, the presence of vertebral subluxation seems to be highly prevalent in the population.

Although this study focuses on the biomechanical components of vertebral subluxation, the effects of vertebral subluxation on the transmission of vital information transfer over the nervous system have been documented as well.

Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxation. Make sure you have your spine checked for vertebral subluxation and if you do not have a family chiropractor, please contact us.

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