So you have a desire to prevent future health issues for yourself, your children, your loved ones? If you’ve ever seen anyone suffer, you do not want this for yourself or your loved ones.

“We hear you. We can help.” – Dr. George

PREVENTION vs “Do Nothing and Hope For The Best”

Let’s think…

  • Brushing your teeth & getting regular cleanings vs “do nothing and hope for the best”
  • Eating healthy & exercising vs “Diabetes runs in my family but I’ll do nothing & hope for the best”


Prevention is a much wiser choice. People all around are being “surprised” by a debilitating pain or a “sudden” serious health condition far too often.

Basic maintenance of your spine and nerve system are no different.

  • Your spine and nervous system are the only ones you will ever have. They both need to last your entire lifetime. Your spine is a load-bearing structure (carries your body weight) and it is also movable (allows for flexibility). Any load-bearing structure that is movable requires maintenance. Yet, most people don’t give their spine a second thought until it hurts.
  • Every piece of information that is sent to and from your brain is transmitted over the nervous system. The large majority of those nerves (spinal cord) travel through the center of the spine. If the spinal bones are misaligned and not moving properly the information transfer over the nervous system will be compromised, this is called Vertebral Subluxation. Wherever those nerves go will not function the way that it should. Eventually, that will lead to symptoms of the tissue, gland, or organ at the end of the nerve. In medical terms, those symptoms are classified as a disease.

The nervous system is the super information highway for your entire body.

So whether you want to prevent neck or back pain due to damaged discs, damaged spinal bones, or damaged nerves, or you want to prevent other health conditions from happening, you need to take care of your spine and nervous system. As your chiropractor, I will help you do just that, as well as teach you what you can do on your own for a happier, healthier, more vibrant life.