Tips to a safe and healthy workstation

Keep Your Spine Properly Aligned

Taking Breaks:

  • Check your posture every 15 to 30 minutes making sure your:
    • Head is above your shoulders
    • Shoulders are back, down, & relaxed
    • Low back is arched slightly forward, and
    • Legs are uncrossed or crossed at ankles
  • Rest your eyes away from the display screen often; wear your glasses
  • Walk around, drink water, take deep breaths, & stretch

Display Screen:

  • Positioned where eyes are level with top third of screen
  • Clean, stable image, with adjustable contrast and brightness
  • Able to tilt and swivel and free of reflective glare


  • Should be at a level that creates a 90 degree angle or a little greater at
    your elbows
  • Should be tiltable and separate from the screen
  • Space in front sufficient to provide support for hands & arms
  • Key symbols must be clear and keys well spaced
  • Train yourself to use all ten fingers when typing to avoid looking down frequently

Work Desk / Surface:

  • Sufficiently large to allow flexible arrangement of screen, keyboard, documents and related equipment

Work Chair:

  • Stable and must allow freedom of movement such as swiveling to turn your whole body instead of just turning your head, and rollers to move back and forth
  • Seat height and back must be adjustable to support the arch in your low back and your mid back; “waterfall” front helps circulation in legs –knees slightly lower than hips

* Do NOT cross legs at the knees or sit with weight more on one side than the other

Footrests and Wrist Rests:

  • Footrests can be used to create an angle a little greater than 90 degrees
  • Entire sole of foot should rest comfortably on the footrest or floor
  • Wrist rests not used, wrists should be held up, not leaning on the desk

Great tool for planning your workspace

Dr. Auger will speak in more detail on this subject at your place of business, church, or any organization you belong to!
There is no charge for this – it’s his way of giving back!

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Harry scott
Harry scott
1 year ago

Very important information in this blog. I always try to do these things and it is hard to remember your posture and how important it it is

1 year ago

Wow so I believe this is the entire reason I am having to have Chiropractic care. I have set for 20 years in an office in the wrong way and slouching and now I have changed my ways and stand as much as I can and when I am sitting, I am using these suggestions. In fact I no longer use a laptop. I think laptops are the reason most people are having major neck issues.

Linda Scott
Linda Scott
1 year ago

Better work performance and energy to complete tasks if you respect your body and help it by being conscious of your habits.

Harry scott
Harry scott
1 year ago

Very good article. I worked for Ibm for 40 years. This is a hard habit to break.

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