Inflammation and Chiropractic

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a response to injury. The inflammatory response is a natural defense mechanism that is triggered whenever body tissues are damaged in any way. Most of the body defense elements are located in the blood, and inflammation is the means by which body defense cells and defense chemicals leave the blood and enter the tissue around the injured or infected site. The three most common reasons that inflammation occurs are physical trauma, chemical trauma, and infection by viruses and bacteria.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

  • Physical Trauma – When physical trauma happens to the spine, it is most often in the form of vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxation(s).
  • Chemical Trauma – Vertebral Subluxation affects the central nervous system, which in turn affects the response of your body to chemical trauma. By removing vertebral subluxation, thus removing interference on your central nervous system, your brain has better control over how your body responds to chemical trauma.
  • Immune System – Much research shows that chiropractic care positively impacts the relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. This helps support your immune system function.

Understanding Vertebral Subluxation?

A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment or locking out of place of one of the bones that make up your spine. These spinal bones are called vertebrae. Every spinal bone has its proper place, and through normal use, everyday wear and tear and trauma vertebrae can become misaligned and get locked out of place. The most common cause of subluxation is stress. Chemical, emotional, or physical stress on the body can cause subluxation, which makes subluxation a very common but dangerous condition.

The tricky thing about subluxation is it can be present for years before it starts to cause any noticeable symptoms. The symptoms you experience due to a subluxation are usually something that occurs after the subluxation has been present for quite a while. So just because a subluxation isn’t presently causing your symptoms doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for you and your overall health.

Some Concerns Associated with Subluxation

  • Inflammation – You may experience increased inflammation in an area associated with subluxation. This is because inflammation is part of the healing process. When enough damage accumulates in and around the area of subluxation, inflammation is a very common result. Help the body repair the damage, and the inflammation resolves on its own.
  • Altered Nerve Transmission – The brain sends and receives information over the nervous system. This information transfer is how the body is able to function as one coordinated organism. The brain is the command and control center, and the nervous system is the communication network. For your body to function properly, there must be uninterrupted nerve flow from the brain to the body and back to the brain. The vast majority of the nerves exit the spine, and that is where subluxation can wreak havoc. Subluxation alters the signals from the brain to the body and back, causing malfunction anywhere in the body where there is nerve interference. Your cardiovascular system, your immune system, your respiratory system, your digestive system (to name a few) all require unaltered nerve flow. Removing subluxation from the spine improves the function in all these areas, plus much more.
  • Disc Damage – Subluxation (locked misalignments in the spine) will cause damage to your discs. Discs are the spacers (keep the spinal bones apart) and the shock absorbers (allow for proper movement) of the spine. When a spinal bone loses its proper position and locks out of place, disc damage is inevitable.

To know if you have vertebral subluxation causing inflammation or other health issues, see your family chiropractor for a checkup. Subluxation doesn’t cause pain until it has severely progressed, so don’t wait until you have symptoms.

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