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I am a huge proponent of supplementation. However, I do not recommend vitamins and minerals, but WHOLE FOOD supplementation. Here is why; if you buy vitamin C over the counter and read the label you will see this: “Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid.” What they are saying is that this is really not vitamin C, but just a PORTION of the vitamin C compound, mainly Ascorbic Acid. Unfortunately, you thought you were getting vitamin C when you really were not!! That is only one of the many problems with over-the-counter vitamins and minerals.

This is why I highly recommend WHOLE FOOD supplementation, like Juice Plus! With this form of supplementation you get EVERYTHING, not just a piece of the vitamin! Check it out for yourself!

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Harry scott
Harry scott

Very informative information.

Mary Wally
Mary Wally

We have been taking the Juice plus vitamins for a few years now and love them.