Digestive Stress

Digestive stress is something that people experience all too frequently. People blame digestive stress on many different factors: changing diet, change in sleep patterns, fibromyalgia, headaches, or even a change in work habits. Although these factors may be partly to blame, there is often another underlying cause in the spine and nervous system. Yes, you read that correctly, the spine and the nervous system.

Vertebral Subluxation and Digestive Stress

Your nervous system controls every function that your body performs, including digestion. A Vertebral Subluxation or spinal misalignment that interferes with the transmission of vital information from the brain to the digestive tract will compromise digestive function.

There have been numerous case studies published in journals like the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, that show a startling correlation between Vertebral Subluxation and digestive stress. People with Crohns Disease, Acid Reflux, GERD and IBS have seen these conditions resolve under chiropractic care when Vertebral Subluxation was detected and then corrected.

Understanding The Bigger Picture

Many people deal with stress through deep breathing, meditation, exercise, and healthy food choices. These are certainly good things to do as part of your lifestyle to counter the effects of stress, but if your nervous system is blocked due to Vertebral Subluxation, you will not see the results you were looking for with these lifestyle changes. In fact, leaving the spinal misalignment blocking vital nerve flow to anywhere in the body, including the digestive tract, will only allow for damage and malfunction in that affected area.

Research shows that it only takes the weight of a quarter to reduce the flow of vital information over the nerve by over 50%. Because only a small percentage of nerves carry pain signals, there is over a 90% chance that the pressure on the nerve will not be felt at all! Yet function will be affected elsewhere in the body.

Staying Healthy

So keep your nervous system healthy by making sure the movable spinal bones move properly and do not interfere or block vital nerve flow. You can do this by seeing your family chiropractor regularly for a check-up and adjustment when needed.

If you are looking for an experienced chiropractor in the Greenville area to help you address your areas of concern, you can start by scheduling an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you!

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Great info, especially for people with Crohns Disease, Acid Reflux, GERD, and IBS. Thanks for sharing!