Cory D’s Testimonial


“I have suffered almost 10 years with a literal pain in my neck, as well as debilitating headaches and pain in my shoulder, mid back, and hip. The neck pain was so severe that it caused extreme pain in my ear as well as my teeth and face. All of this eventually led to the loss of my income due to not being able to perform my work duties. I have seen many different doctors including four different family doctors, an ear nose and throat specialist, a neurologist, dentist, an orthodontist, and 5 chiropractors across the country in attempts to find a solution to my problem. I have undergone extensive test and spent thousands of dollars seeking relief from this “mysterious condition”.  Auger Family Chiropractic was referred to me by a friend about six to eight months ago. After only one visit, Dr. Auger was able to determine the root cause of my problem (Subluxation) AND present a solution. Very soon after I began treatment with Dr. Auger, I noticed a huge positive difference in my condition. He is, in my opinion, the most thorough and informative health care professional I have encountered. I literally owe my quality of life to him.”

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Harry scott
Harry scott
1 year ago

I agree with Cory. Dr Auger is exceptional.

Linda Scott
Linda Scott
1 year ago

I also Agree Cory. Our circumstances are quite different but the results are very much the same. My quality of life greatly improved as my Degenerative Disc Disease really had me down before Dr Auger began to use his expert knowledge and unique adjusting skills to ease my discomfort. If you see me I may walk with a cane but at least now I can smile and interact with life. I’m pretty sure I would be in a wheelchair without his care and for these things I am most grateful!!!!

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