Can a Chiropractor Help My Posture?

Posture has become a focal point over the last several decades and rightly so. With the advent of computers and handheld devices, posture has become a significant health measure. However, posture is all too often an overlooked metric when it comes to a person’s overall health. It has been said that “You can’t tell a book by its cover,” but when a person has bad posture that saying is certainly not true. In fact, there have been many studies that correlate poor posture with significantly decreased health outcomes.

Conversely, there have been many studies showing that improved posture results in improved health outcomes. So can chiropractic help improve my posture and thereby improve my overall health? The answer is yes!

Posture’s Impact on Your Health

Posture is the window into the spine. I can often tell how the spine has shifted just by assessing a person posture. One of the most common postural deviations that I see is in the head positioning. When the head shifts forward on the shoulders, it is called Forward Head Posture. The forward positioning of the head on the shoulders is usually accompanied by a rounding of the shoulders as well. When present, the natural, normal, biomechanical positioning of the neck has been compromised. This leads to degenerative discs, degenerative joints, bone spurs, and most importantly, Forward Head Posture stretches the spinal cord. It is because of the stretch in the spinal cord that a person’s health is most negatively impacted.

When the spinal cord is stretched, due to a forward shift in head positioning, the ability of the spinal cord to transmit vital nerve messages is compromised. These vital nerve messages contain information necessary for your body to function properly. Your heart needs these vital nerve messages to work, so do the rest of the organs in your body so you can breathe, digest, eliminate, and fight off infection. If the vital nerve messages are obstructed in any way, then the brain/body communication process has been interfered with, and the body will start to malfunction. When enough malfunction accumulates the body will go into a state of dis-ease, and when that happens, symptoms will follow, such as: fibromyalgia, headaches, lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, vertigo, numbness/tingling in the hands and feet, as well as digestive stress. All because the person’s posture shifted, affected spinal alignment, affecting the spinal cord and nerve transmission.

An experienced chiropractor can help realign the spine, improve posture, remove interference to the nerve system and allow for proper communication and optimal function. Contact our Greenville office today to discuss your health as it relates to your own posture.

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Mikaila De Chavez

I can attest to this. I visited a chiropractor due to bad posture. It was fixed significantly.