A Painful Shot Across The Bow

business woman sitting at desk while holding pain from sudden pain

The four most dangerous words a person can say when it comes to their health are, “It will go away.” How many times do you feel something is wrong or different with your body and hope that it will just go away? You aren’t sure what it is, but you know it’s not normal, and… Read More

Digestive Stress

woman laying on bed holding her stomach from digestive stress

Digestive stress is something that people experience all too frequently. People blame digestive stress on many different factors: changing diet, change in sleep patterns, fibromyalgia, headaches, or even a change in work habits. Although these factors may be partly to blame, there is often another underlying cause in the spine and nervous system. Yes, you… Read More

Is Arthritis Normal as You Age?

woman holding back in need of chiropractor

There seems to be a common misunderstanding when it comes to arthritis and age. Time and time again, people tell me that they are developing arthritis in their joints due to getting older. Is arthritis inevitable as you age? Not at all! There is a difference between something being common and something being normal. Take… Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help My Posture?

two men with poor posture in need of a chiropractor

Posture has become a focal point over the last several decades and rightly so. With the advent of computers and handheld devices, posture has become a significant health measure. However, posture is all too often an overlooked metric when it comes to a person’s overall health. It has been said that “You can’t tell a… Read More

Finding the Right Chiropractor Near You

Google map showing location of Auger Family Chiropractic

You have probably used your computer or phone to search for a “chiropractor near me”. Using your voice for search is at an all-time high. But when looking for a chiropractor in Greenville that is near you, what do you actually know about them? The one thing you know is they are convenient, but beyond… Read More

Can A Chiropractor Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Vertigo?

close up of woman face depicting vertigo

When most people think about chiropractic, the first thing that typically comes to mind is back pain. People go to chiropractors because of back pain more than anything else. It is undoubtedly true that chiropractors all over the world have helped hundreds of millions of people with their back pain. There are those people who… Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help My Bulging Disc?

spine showing bulging discs

Bulging discs are becoming more and more common in today’s world. I often get asked the question, “Can a chiropractor help me with my bulging disc?” The short answer is YES! However, I would like to explain why that is. Discs act as spacers keeping the spinal bones apart. This allows for the spinal nerve… Read More

Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive in Greenville

Table decorated for Greenville chiropractor thanksgiving food drive

Serving as a Chiropractor in Greenville, SC has been a blessing, and we always look forward to our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year’s drive will take place from October 22nd through November 20th, and we invite our patients as well as the community to join us in this timely and significant effort. The non-perishable… Read More

Children’s Immune System

sick boy with weak immune system

Any parent or grandparent knows how stressful it can be when a child gets sick. Parents are often preoccupied with keeping germs away from their kids so that they don’t get sick in the first place. Are we doing our children a disservice by trying to protect them from every contact with microorganisms? Could contact… Read More

Forward Head Posture

teenagers texting illustrating forward head posture problems

Forward Head Posture (FHP or often called Text Neck) is one of the most common postural deviations that we see in our culture. The prevailing thought on why this is the case revolves around the use of computers, both desktop and laptop, and the use of smartphones. Add these two activities to the fact that… Read More